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Reliable shipments and individual logistics solutions for industry and commercial clients

Vehicle shipping – Shipping and transporting vehicles worldwide

Interfracht is your service specialist when it comes to transporting new and used cars. Thanks to our collaboration with Panatlantic and our national and international partnerships and memberships of global organisations, Interfracht has a presence at all the key hubs across the globe. This means that not only can we distribute individual vehicles for private use, but we can also handle large volumes for vehicle dealers or other industry clients.

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Shipping motorbikes – Fast, secure, global

In addition to cars, we also transport motorbikes. And just like our car shipping services, we can manage large volumes of motorbikes thanks to our network of partners and our memberships. Bikes can often be shipped by sea without the need for expensive and time-consuming packaging

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Individual transport and logistics solutions

Professional transport logistics have been our bread and butter for over 50 years. As an international forwarding agent, we provide quick and smooth shipping worldwide by every means possible. Our range of services is always expanding, as we grow our business nationally and internationally. Interfracht is your point of contact when it comes to complex shipping and logistics requirements.

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