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FAQ - Answers to your most pressing questions

Get in touch with us. We can provide you with comprehensive advice and support by phone or e-mail and give you a quote for your preferred shipping service.

We'll send you an order form together with our written quote.

That depends on which port of shipment you choose. Generally speaking, you should expect delivery to take between three and six weeks, depending on the port of loading and the space available on ships. If you have also arranged for a car transporter to pick up your vehicle from the port and transport it to your address, this will make the whole process a little bit longer. Please take this into account when planning.

Instant pick-up is not generally an option. It takes up to 24 hours to unload the containers from the ship, after which the containers have to be stripped. When you will receive your delivery depends primarily on when it clears customs. We can provide you with live updates if you are interested.

All charges are due upon arrival of the vehicle in the European sea port. You will receive an invoice from us, which you will either pay in cash upon pick-up or you transfer it in advance.
Sie erhalten eine Rechnung von uns, die Sie entweder bei Abholung bar begleichen oder einfach vorab überweisen.

An escrow service can be offered upon request.

The title is needed for the evidence of title and is therefore necessarily needed for the shipment. This title has to be shown to the customs authority. After completion of the shipment you will get back the title including all customs documents.

Unfortunately, we generally can't arrange any rides on container or roll on/roll off vessels. Due to the anti-terror measures this is often not possible any longer.

Vehicles build till 1993/1995 used R12 as air conditioning coolant for their air conditioning system. This is not allowed in Germany any longer. We offer to exchange this from R12 to R134 in Bremerhaven for you against additional charges.

Please make sure that your car will have enough antifreeze.
Unfortunately we cannot fill up antifreeze.

According to the dangerous goods regulation at sea the tank can only be filled up to ¼ .
Any additional fuel will be pumped out.

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