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full-service package

Full-service package? Yes way, José!

Found your dream vehicle overseas and want to bring it to Germany? Want to take your own mobile home or motorbike with you on holiday? Not a problem. With Shipinterfracht, you get everything under one roof.

We will transport and ship your dream vehicle from the USA or anywhere else in the world right to your front door – or ensure a smooth export process to send it overseas.

With our full-service package you don't have to worry about a thing – other than bringing us on board, that's it. Shipinterfracht will transport your vehicle to the port of shipment, take care of export and import clearance, store it securely and look after insurance – in short, everything it takes to get that dream vehicle into your garage. Meanwhile, our competent team of experts will be by your side the whole way through. Logistics – it's what we do.

We ship your dream. Get in touch: +49 471 8062707-0.

customs clearance

Costs for importing cars – What are the customs duties for importing a vehicle to Germany?

We've got a direct line to the customs team (Atlas) to ensure your international shipments are processed quickly and hassle-free. Thanks to this partnership, we can manage every type of customs clearance.

Our case workers have years of know-how which they put to good use to ensure your vehicles pass through customs smoothly.

We clear your dream.

Our car import services:

  • Clearance for free circulation
  • Clearance for classic vehicles
  • Fiscal clearance
  • Personal effects clearance
  • Preparing T-1 customs forms
  • Souvenir clearance
  • Carnet clearance
  • Applying for a public customs warehouse
  • Inward processing

Our car export services:

  • BHT numbers
  • Generating Z numbers
  • All types of export registrations
  • Carnet clearance

Customs duties and import taxes for importing cars

The standard customs fee for vehicles is 10% customs duty and 19% import tax. Classic cars (older than 30 years) are exempt from customs duties and are subject to reduced import tax of 7%.

How much does a car shipment cost?

Find out more about the costs of car shipping here. Use our car import calculator to quickly determine the rough total costs of car shipping.

Cost Calculator

Fiscal clearance

Fiscal clearance is a process for clearing goods from third countries
for an importer who does not have a registered tax number in the country of clearance.

One of the requirements for this process is that the goods must be exported to another EU Member State immediately after clearing customs.
Want to avoid the lengthy import duty reclaim process?
Then we're the partner for you.

Get in touch if you want don't want to deal with pre-payment or the time-consuming reclaim process.


Personal effects clearance

Want to relocate to Germany from a non-EU country? Or are you moving back to Germany after living overseas?

Private vehicles and household effects belonging to a person who is moving countries are exempt from import duties, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • The ordinary place of residence must be outside the EU customs area for at least 12 months before moving
  • The household effects and vehicles must be used or transferred to you six months before you relocate your ordinary place of residence
  • Vehicles must not be rented out, sold, leased or gifted for 12 months after being approved as personal effects

A visa, employment contract(s), references, purchase agreements and vehicle registration must be presented as evidence. Upon import, one year's vehicle tax must be paid in advance

Students in school and university/college are generally exempt from the personal effects rule. Get in touch for more information, or see the German Customs website ( for

Transport insurance

How important is a transport insurance?

Generally speaking, taking out transport insurance is a very good idea.

Goods being transported by sea pass through a number of different points between collection and delivery.

If damages occur and the cause of the accident cannot be easily identified, you can often be left empty-handed if you are uninsured.

Transport insurance providers, however, are required to pay for damages and will take care of collecting money from the party responsible for the damage themselves

Below is another example of how important transport insurance is:


-We insure your dream-

General average

Several hundred accidents and incidents occur on the world's oceans every year, an indication that seafaring is still a very risky business. The captain of a ship that runs into trouble at sea can order that cargo be damaged in order to protect the ship and its cargo from a general risk. This means, incidents where the crew of the ship throw containers overboard in order to prevent the ship from capsizing during a storm. Damages for ships and cargo often run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. What's special about the general average is that instead of being charged against the respective owner of the ship and its cargo, any damages that occur are spread among all owners, some of whose goods may not have been damaged or thrown overboard at all. Cargo owners who have not taken out transport insurance have to cover these costs themselves before they can receive their goods. Transport insurance is therefore an absolute must when shipping goods by sea.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Your risk is calculated individually, meaning it's affordable for you
  • You let us take care of tough negotiations in case of damages and legal action
  • Your entire financial risk is secured

Road transport

We can transport your dream car from anywhere in the world direct to your garage.

Even the most far-flung corners are within easy reach for us.

We can offer pick-up from the sender and delivery to the recipient on open or enclosed car transporters

giving you the flexibility to pick the means of transport that's right for you.

We will always provide you with updates on possible pick-up/delivery slots.

Our team is there for you.

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