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Car shipping

Shipping cars to and from the USA and worldwide? Nothing is impossible!

We can ship your dream car from the USA and anywhere else in the world direct to your garage. Or we can just as easily export vehicles from Germany for you.

With our global network, there's no transport job we can't manage. Together with our partners, we can take of just about any project and love a good challenge. Don't hesitate to get in touch once you have an idea of the transport you want. Our expert team is here to help any time.

Shipping cars – to the USA and around the world

Logistics is what we do so whether you find your dream car in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo or Cape Town, we'll arrange to ship it to you safely.

We ship your dream. Get in touch: +49 471 8062707-0.

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Car shipping services – Complete door-to-door service

We'll provide you with a full-service package for shipping your car, taking care of everything from transporting it to the port, shipping it and delivering it to your front door. With us, you get everything under one roof. We ship cars in containers or as Roll on/Roll off. Prefer to ship by air? We can do that too.

Getting your car to the port and all the way to your front door

We transport your car safely to the port of shipment, before picking it up at the port of destination and delivering it to your front door.

Export customs clearance

Documentation and export customs clearance provided by our local partners. Escrow services available on request.

Photo documentation

We document the shipping process by photographing your car being loaded and unloaded.

Import customs clearance

Complete import customs clearance service, including all customs formalities. Customs clearance for classic cars – duty-free import options available.

Storage & transport insurance

Outdoor or enclosed storage, depending on customer's preferences. Transport insurance from seller's location to destination.

Refrigerant disposal incl. certificate

We dispose of refrigerants and provide you with a certificate to prove it.

Shipping cars in 3 simple steps


Your motorbike comes to the port

We transport your car to the nearest port and prepare it for shipping.


Your car is shipped and customs cleared

We ship your car anywhere in the world, taking care of transport insurance and customs clearance.


Your bike is delivered to your front door

Don't want to pick up the car yourself at the port of destination? Not a problem – we can deliver it right to your front door on request.

Vehicle shipping services for private and business customers (B2B)

We are an international vehicle shipping agent who specialise in shipping cars for private and business customers.

In addition to shipping new and classic cars, we also transport motorbikes, boats and mobile homes. We can even take care of heavy haulage orders.

We generally ship vehicles in containers or on Ro-Ro vessels. We even offer air freight for particularly urgent orders, plus overland HGV transport.

How much does a car shipment cost?

Find out more about the costs of car shipping here. Use our car import calculator to quickly determine the rough total costs of car shipping.

Cost Calculator

Shipping cars door-to-door to the USA

Our main area of expertise is in shipping US cars and German classics that are looking to find their way to Germany. We can collect and ship your car from even the remotest parts of the States.

Hassle-free US car imports to your front door.

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Shipping vehicles in containers

Vehicles that are shipped in containers are always properly secured and stowed using ratchet straps so they won't shift about during transport.

This method is used for transporting cars long distances by sea.

Shipping cars as Roll On/Roll Off

Unlike container shipping, cars shipped as Roll on/Roll off are transported 'out of the box' on large car ferries.

They are, however, still secured in place for transport once they have been parked on board.

More information for business customers

We frequently take care of storage for vehicle importers and wholesalers, including administration, full customs clearance and vehicle distribution.

Get in touch for a quote for a logistics concept tailored to your needs.

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Car shipping – Some of our happy customers

We share your dream! We enjoy every project we do, whether big or small, because we share that same passion for sleek rides and roaring hogs. Take a look at what some of our customers say about our car shipping services and let's dream about your new favourite together. According to German motoring association ADAC, Interfracht is a carrier you can trust to transport your car.

You won't be disappointed!

We ship cars anywhere in the world

We work everywhere and anywhere. We make your dream a reality. Below, you will find some of our areas of expertise when it comes to shipping cars around the globe:

FAQ – Vehicle shipping – Answers to your most pressing questions:

The tank needs to be emptied as much as possible before transport. We only accept minimal residues.

Your car can be shipped in a container or on a Ro-Ro vessel.


While everyone involved in transporting cars works with the utmost care, there can still be situations where vehicles become damaged during transport, e.g. shipwrecks.

Before the vehicle is picked up or delivered.

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