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Importing a car from Japan

Importing vehicles from Japan - safe & simple

Since many years do we realize growing import rates for German classic cars from Japan. The reason for this are the monetary advantages in comparison to the German market. Mainly there are re-imports (for instance Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW) which were originally produced for the German market. This is why the steering wheel is on the familiar left side. The costs for the admission are also reasonable.

We assist with car-imports from Japan to Germany - Car shipping via roll on/ roll off

Generally vehicles from Japan are being shipped and imported with roll on/ roll off vessels (huge ferry boats) directly to Bremerhaven. If preferred we can of course also arrange the shipment in a container. We can organize either option for you together with our partners.

Immediately after arrival of the vessel we arrange all import formalities for you and keep you updated.

Together with our partners, we can take of just about any project and love a good challenge.

We ship your dream. Get in touch: +49 471 8062707-0.

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Japan car import benefits - Full-service package

Transportation to your front door

Export customs clearance

car shipping from Japan

Photodocumentation before shipping and after discharging

Import customs clearance

transport insurance

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Importing cars from Japan - reliable and safe

As an international car shipping company we take care of private car imports from Japan same as for commercial purposes. We've got the solution for every option.

Our car shipments are usually done via roll on/ roll off vessels or in a container. Of course can we also arrange air transports or overland transports via truck for very urgent shipments.

Our shipping ports in Japan:

  • Nagoya
  • Yokohama
  • Kobe
  • Kawasaki

Further information for car imports from Japan for business customers.

We frequently take care of storage for vehicle importers and wholesalers, including administration, full customs clearance and vehicle distribution.

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Find the right car for the import from Japan

It is common practice in Japan that vehicles are being auctioned on certain internet auction sites.

Here we can offer you additional value as we can arrange direct acces to these auction sites. In this way you can auction your dream car yourself.

References Japan car import- customers experiences

We share the passion for nice cars from Japan with you. We look forward to every project and every new challenge.

Trust in us when it comes to your car import from Japan and get advise from our qualified, young team.
You won't be disappointed!

We do not only import cars from Japan - but worldwide

Trailer or mobile homes do we ship safely to a port at the requested country. Further down you can find some of our focuses:

FAQ - Car Import from Japan - Answers to your most pressing questions:

The transport of a car from Japan to Germany takes about 7 weeks.

Generelly yes, except for Japanese made cars.

For a smooth car import from Japan to Germany we need the car documents and the purchase contract.

Mainly via roll on/ roll off vessels. These are vessels, which transport cargo that can be rolled. So the cargo/ car will be driven on the vessel.

In Bremerhaven. The other option is that we deliver your car directly to your front door.

Yes of course!

We can deliver to every European country from Bremerhaven.

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full-service package

We take care of everything from customs clearance to transport insurance.

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