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Importing a car from Dubai

Importing a car from Dubai - Car shipping from/ to the Middle East

Since a while we have noticed an increased purchase activity in the Middle East.

Mainly this applies to the United Arab Emirates (especially Dubai), but also other countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar are becoming more and more popular for the purchase of new- and used vehicles, same as young timer and classic cars.

We ship and import your car from Dubai

Also in the United Arab Emirates and especially in Dubai we can revert to our available network partners and offer you the perfect transport solution. We import your dream car from Dubai to Germany - even to your front door.

Together with our partners, we can take of just about any project and love a good challenge.

We ship your dream. Get in touch: +49 471 8062707-0.

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Car import Dubai - Full-service package to your front door

Complete import clearance service, including all customs formalities

Photodocumentation before shipping and after discharging

Storage on open area or inside a storage garage

transport insurance

Transportation to your front door

Arranging retrofitting to EU Standard

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Autoexport von Deutschland nach Dubai

Due to many solvent customers located in the Middle East and the rising interests for vehicles in general, an export market is growing more and more in this region.

If you're interested in selling vehicles to Dubai, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait for example, do not hesitate to contact us.

Auto nach und aus Dubai importieren – zuverlässig und sicher

As an international car shipping company we take care of your car shipping project to or from Dubai reliable and quick. For us it is very important that your dream car will arrive savely at your front door.

Besides car- and classic car transports we also organize motorbike-, boat- or yacht– and Mobile home transports. Also heavy haulage orders are possible.

We generally ship vehicles on ro/ro-vessels. We even offer air freight for particularly urgent orders, plus overland HGV transport.

The main shipping port in Dubai is Jebel Jebel Ali.

Wir importieren Autos nicht nur aus Dubai – sondern weltweit

References – Some of our happy customers

FAQ – Auto aus Dubai importieren – Wir beantworten die wichtigsten Fragen:

The transport of a car from Dubai to Germany takes about 4 weeks.

Mainly Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota Landcruiser and Ferrari are being imported to Germany.

For a smooth car import from Dubai to Germany we need the car documents and the purchase contract.

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We import your luxurious vehicle from Dubai simple and safely.

We are there for you

full-service package

We take care of everything from customs clearance to transport insurance.

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