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The perfect protection for your goods Well insured from A to B!

On the way to the consignee your goods cross different countries and often have to get reloaded from one mean of transport to another.
Beyond your control, the goods are exposed to significant risks. Therefore, in cooperation with the Interfracht company we offer tailored insurance solutions to protect your goods from departure to destination optimally.

Your goods are reliably protected against:

  •     Loss and damage (breakage, rust / oxidation, fire, elementary events)
  •     Theft, misplacement, robbery
  •     General average
  •     damages during loading, reloading and unloading
  •     Transport accidents
  •     War, Strikes, riots, terrorism

Your benefits at a glance:

  •     Your risk is calculated individually and calculable
  •     We take over difficult negotiations in damage and regress events
  •     You get a complete hedging of financial risks

General Average

Several hundred averages and average-similar events on the oceans per year show that maritime shipping still involves significant risks. The master of a ship in distress is allowed to order the damage of cargo to save the ship and the cargo from a common hazard. This refers to that cases in which the crew overboards container for protecting the vessel against capsizing as a result of a storm. The damage to the vessel and its cargo is often amounted to several hundred million euros.
The specificity of the General Average is that the damage won´t be claimed against each owner of vessel or cargo, but all owners who are involved to the ship or its cargo have to pay for the damage. Consequently an owner, whose goods aren´t damaged or thrown overboard, must nevertheless pay for damage compensation.
If the owners of cargo doesn´t cover a Marine Insurance, they have to bear the costs by themselves before they get the goods back. For this reason a Marine Insurance indispensable.

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