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Import Volkswagen busses from Brasil

Importing classic cars from Brasil

Importing a Volkswagen Bus from Brazil to Germany

Besides classic cars from the USA, we also ship Volkwagen busses like a T1 or T2 from Brasil to Germany.

There are still hidden treasures like the legendary Volkswagen T1 and T2 busses in Brasil, waiting to be shipped to Europe.

No matter if you purchase your car via internet or personally on site - we arrange the complete transport to Germany or Europe, including all export- and import customs formalities.

We ship your dream. Get in touch: +49 471 8062707-0.

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Since when is my car or Volkswagen bus from Brasil considered as a classic car?

Vehicles, which are older than 30 years and which are in their original state count as classic cars. These can be shipped and imported duty-free. The only expenses will be 7% import turnover tax .

For your classic car import from Brasil we can offer you the complete operation. Including transport to the export shipping port, customs clearance with shipment and transport from the port of arrival to your front door.

Transport from door-to-door

Export customs clearance

Photo documentation

Import customs clearance

Storage & transport insurance

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Importing a car from Brasil – costs

The costs for a classic car import from Brasil depend on several matters:

  • Do you require a transport insurance?
  • Shall the car be transported to the shipping port?
  • From which port in Brasil shall the car be shipped?
  • Will you pick up the car in Bremerhaven yourself or do you wish to have it delivered to your front door?

Our competent team is looking forward to discuss all these questions with you directly. Afterwards they will be able to give you a detailed cost calculation for your car or classic car import from Brasil.

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Purchase and import a Volkswagen T1 or T2 bus cheap from Brasil

The Volkswagen T1 and T2 busses (also called "Bulli") are real collector's items. Unfortunately these are very seldom to find in a good condition and most of the time quite expensive. In Brasil there is the Volkswagen Kombi-Bus, which is very similar to the German original, but way cheaper to purchase.

No matter if you want to buy a Volkswagen bus from Brasil for your next roadtrip or find a reasonable model for spare parts. You will find your needs in Brasil.

We will transport and ship your Volkswagen bus from Brasil to Germany – quick, simple and safe.

References – Some of our happy customers

FAQ – Importing classic cars from Brasil - answers to your most pressing questions

Due to the complicated export formalities in Brasil we do not recommend you to do so. Our local partner is an expert in all formalities.

Yes of course!
We only need the contact details from the seller. We will take care of the rest.

You will give us all neccessary information. Together with our local partner we will then arrange everthing needed for the shipment.

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